Friday, February 6, 2009

My Blog Sucks.

It's all my fault. Soooo many interesting things have happened since my last post (which is over 3 months old, btw) and now I've felt like I've cheated all you lovely people by not sharing'm with you. Fastforward from Halloween's... Thanksgiving.... Christmas (no photos here, boo)... New Year's party... vacations... the present, ok, let's take it from here.

Yesterday, whilst trying to be all manly and climb a tree, my foot slipped on the bark and I fell. Weird, my shoes' grip is good. Anyway I hardly fell from a great height, but rather it was the way I fell that gifted me a fractured wrist. 
Now my life is in the reverse, using my left hand for everyday functions, including typing this to you, which is taking mua more than double of the time it would normally take. My brain probably gets to boast of being 2 1/2 times faster now that I've solicited the use of the underappreciated, under-used, 'Mr. Leftie.' Oh well. I'll at least get to win every contest in the home that has to do with the left hand once I'm through healing. Penwald ambidextrous, like mother.
There, I've done it. Maybe that was terribly boring, so hopefully I'll be able to have something more interesting to tell you the next time. Pray I heal fast yah? Apparently my body has a tendency to do just that.
No more tree-climbing for me.

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