Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feeling Melancholic

It's amazing how the human body adapts to its environment. Who would have thot that in a matter of days I could learn how to button up shirts, eat without spilling, shower, brush my teeth, type fairly decently, all with my left hand?
I sure didn't. No, still haven't figured out how to tie my laces. For that, gotta to get me gf. Cheers Tino on your 16th! I did write you actually, check out Facebook. It's been a week since I fell, clumsily, to the ground. Wish I could wear my cast with pride, like I hurt it saving a beautiful damsel in distress, ha.  Every dog has his day, wat do you say to that?
Seems I hurt myself just before something cool happens. Like the possible day trip to the Marquesa. Arrgh! Just my luck. Guess will have to brave it out. Love horses, & can't stand the thot of others ridin'm without mua.
Say a prayer for me, will you? Can't WAIT to get this thing off of me. Peace to all abroad.

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