Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hey.... wasn't able to post much, considering the Feast, + a host of other thingies that keep life spinning.. still managing to survive with this right hand not being much to me beyond the point of total uselessness, heh. Was able to impart some sound advice to a dear friend of mine today who's in a semi-selah aka hush-hush situation. Poor dear. She really should come here. Oh, we got our first rain today, yay! Don't you love the smell of the air when it's raining? Dee-licious. Oh yes, some drunk jerk smashed into our van late last night! Didn't call the cops though. Could have done time for sure. Gosh, I never have seen so many accidents with cars before. He's a neighbour so guess we decided to keep the peace. Crazy!
We told our landowner we're moving out, now we'll have to seriously search for a new place. Scary & exciting at the same time. Pray for us! I'm still not sure what to call this post, maybe pot-pourri?
Peace and love.

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Jaz, Clare & Dune said...

praying for you to get well soon, darling-- Clare