Saturday, October 25, 2008

All For the Children

It seems that the only times I get to do something extra special for our kids is when 2/3rds of the home is out doing kind deeds for the good of mankind. E.g., When we hosted our first mini-retreat ever, I was chosen as Lord High Guardian of the Children (aka, please-stay-back-and-keep-the-home fires-burning), so I indulged in the age-old practice of pillow-fighting with the kiddos, and while in the process of doing so, I managed to get the zipper of a pillow slashed across my forehead by an attacking adult member of the female sex (fun!).

This time 'round those 2/3rds coincidentally managed to go out on their merry way again, this time to Guanajuato, witnessing up a storm as they went. So there I was, drumming away on the table with my fingers, with a fistful of colour pencils in one hand, and schoolbooks in the other, trying hard to think up something diff for our little micro-members to get their hands into, when the simple yet very appropriate idea of hosting a slumber party managed to stumble into my mind. Our older girls were nearly besides themselves with excitement and insisted on doing little jobs for me so I could arrange the details. After a couple of decisive phone calls, and much praying, 6 little munchkins (if I may be allowed to call a 12 year-old kid a munchkin) presented themselves for an evening of fun, brownie face-stuffing along with popcorn, which I personally hate, a movie, and finally, the real deal, sleeping cots for all in our living room, bringing the grand total of the munchkin population up a notch to 18 (talk about a crowd). 
But, you see, it originally wasn't going to be that way.
I had plans of my own for tonight, like going out to play pool with the guys, downing a coupla drinks, and generally chill-laxing. I guess being with children most of your time, and then choosing to make it your career may not seem glamorous to most. 

The truth: It isn't.

But knowing that I'm building our future by shaping the character and overall development of two resident munchkins puts every conceivable little grey cell I possess to work, and besides keeping myself mentally on my toes, so to speak, I honestly do have a lot of fun in the process.

--Special thanks to Joy, who through her many contributions was able to help make this evening a very memorable one. You're tops in my books hun!

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