Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Regaining my footing...

It's been abominably cold ever since I got back from the seminar... brrrrr. I wear more clothes than I have needed to in a long time now. Funny that, considering the other three attendees from the Coffeeshop are fine n' dandy.


Everything has been a little hazy, dream-like even, since I returned home. Not sure if I can attribute it to the information-overload syndrome, or the fact that, not 96 hours ago, I was surrounded with so many beautiful women. Whatever it may be, I do hope it will fade away soon so I can go back to normalcy. Today I took back command of the two rascals I tutor, Galio and Donovan, who were eyeing me curiously throughout our morning's lessons. I imagine they were probably waiting to see some faint semblance of change in my patterns of tutoring. There was, actually, for, instead of pressing ever onward with the usual drills of counting, vocabulary-expansion (which is minimal at best, considering I tutor them in Spanish), motor skills, etc., I took time to indulge in making, what they called, bread. Actually, it was salt dough, and we spent the better part of an hour shaping little creatures, some recognizable, some not, and sticking them out in the sunshine to dry, with so many reassuring promises from me that, yes, we would see their works of art again, and no, no birds would swoop down from the heavens and devour those priceless artifacts.  We shall put paint to their as-of-now brown bodies tomorrow. So suffice it to say that yes, I am, in a small way, changing my methods, injecting spontaneity whenever possible in order to ensure that their education will be nothing but fond memories of 'making a gigantic dinosaur (it was a gecko, in fact) with Uncle Iman.' 


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