Saturday, April 18, 2009


I'm feeling 'bloggish', so I decided to ramble on here for all you wonderful ppl. Ain't that nice of me? You know, what they say about family blogs is true; unless you know the ppl, it's really not that great to have to roll or scroll through seemingly endless pictures of kids, fat aunties, and other such trivia that you really have no idea who they are or what's it's all about. I like Irene's blog. 
It's been 72 days since that nasty little accident seemed to dominate my life, and yet it seems like there's no sign of it letting up. Luz suggests I cut it off. What do you say?  :)

There's been a general feeling of freedom since my rooming partner has gone off on a trip (it's been over a week now) and it's great! I can sleep when I want, read in quietness, have a place to run to when things get too exciting, etc. Something tells me though that this will probably be the last time in a loooong while that I'll have a room to meself, since we're supposed to be moving out and into another house which, I believe, I'll be sharing with the wonderful gf hehe.

So, here's to the last remnants of blissful solitude, clink! 


Jaz, Clare and Dune said...

Awww Eman, I'm praying for you to heal!! I'm so sad I missed seeing you when I was down there, but now worries, I'll be back as soon as I can!! Enjoy the quiet. Lot's of love!! xxxx


Caitlin said...

yay for some alone time!! savor it! :)